Smart self-storage technology solutions, optimized for your self storage business


For over 15-years, the Unwired Logic team has specialized in self-storage solutions that focus on leveraging technology for cost reduction, scalability and process efficiency. 


Having worked at one of the leading self-storage operators in Japan we can help you define all your business processes related to storage, so you can run your business in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.


We are experts in the following areas: 私たちは以下の分野を専門としています。

  • Signups, contracting and move out processes 登録、契約、解約のプロセス

  • Existing customer servicing such as problem and question management 問題解決や問い合わせ管理など既存顧客へのサービス

  • Shop operations strategy 店舗運営戦略

  • Finance strategy such as payments and collections 支払いや回収などの財務戦略

  • Facilities management strategy 設備管理戦略

  • Energy management and other cost reduction strategies エネルギー管理とその他のコスト削減戦略

  • Revenue optimization such as unit pricing models & yield management 単価モデルやイールドマネジメントなどの収益最適化

We provide best of class solutions in all areas that storage operators need.  Our systems can be integrated together for seamless use.  Using the latest technology, we can provide you with a full, turn-key, cloud-based solutions for your rental storage operation that is both suitable and based on our vast knowledge and practical experience. 


Storeganise Modern Self-Storage Software Storeganiseの最新セルフストレージ・ソフトウェア

  • Scales easily for multiple locations 複数の場所に対して簡単に拡張が可能

  • Increase bottom line with great payback on your investment 投資額の早期回収で収益を増加

  • Reduce running costs ランニングコストの削減

  • Centralized management 一元管理

  • Manage valet & self-storage バレット&セルフストレージ管理

  • Automated unit booking direct from your website ウェブサイトから直接ユニットを予約できる自動化システム

  • Photo-based inventory management 写真を使った見やすい在庫管理

  • Multiple languages supported and available in Japanese 多言語対応、日本語も利用可

  • Branding with your company logo and colors お客様の自社ロゴやカラーでブランディング

  • Cloud based system that is easy to deploy 簡単に展開できるクラウドベースシステム

Zendesk Customer Support Zendeskカスタマーサポート

Omnichannel customer service products that cover all your needs such as ticketing, FAQ, chat, phone, CRM and reporting.


Access Control & Security アクセス管理&セキュリティ

Fully integrated access control system to manage all of your facilities from a single centralized location. We offer main door systems as well as Bluetooth enabled smart padlocks. All of the systems can be fully integrated with other systems to provide a seamless approach.


Building Automation & Energy Management 自動化&エネルギー管理の構築

Fully automated buildings for HVAC and lighting control are now a reality.


We offer low wattage LEDs of 8 to 10 watts that have been specifically designed for the self storage industry