Your High Value Technology Partner


Unwired Logic is a boutique IT and technology consulting firm based in Tokyo Japan that supplies solutions with outstanding value to our customers.

We can:

  • Solve complex business problems with an uncomplicated approach

  • Allow customers to focus on their core business objectives

  • Save time and create cross functional synergies

  • Increase efficiencies by leveraging a standard repeatable approach



  • ビジネスの複雑な問題をシンプルなアプローチで解決する

  • お客様がビジネスの核となる目標に集中できるようにする

  • 時間を節約し、様々な面で相乗効果を生み出す

  • 標準的な反復できるアプローチを活用して効率を向上させる

Who We Are


Unwired logic was established in 2016 by two IT professionals wanting to extend value by leveraging our knowledge of technology and business.  With a growing team and over 50 years combined experience in a broad range of industries and solutions, we provide our customers with practical, cost effective solutions that meet your business needs.


Our Value Proposition


By approaching complex business processes, systems and projects with an uncomplicated, proven approach, our customers can focus on their core business objectives and not be distracted with sometimes overwhelming IT projects or initiatives which can become necessary as a business grows.  We can show you how to implement solutions which save time and create cross functional synergies.


Our Core Services


We leverage cutting edge technologies and project management methodologies to provide practical, low cost IT solutions and a broad range of consultancy services to meet your business needs.  These include:

  • Project Management

  • Project Rescue

  • Agile / Scrum Methodology

  • Zendesk Customer Support

  • Smart Self-Storage Solutions

  • Energy Management

  • Business Process Consulting

  • Backup and Recovery Solutions


  • プロジェクト管理

  • プロジェクト救済

  • アジャイル・スクラム開発

  • Zendeskカスタマーサポート

  • セルフストレージのスマートソリューション

  • エネルギー管理

  • ビジネスプロセス・コンサルティング

  • バックアップおよびリカバリーのソリューション